Poul Pedersen 03.07 – 31.07

What I am looking for is not what I found by Poul Pedersen mimes his well-known ‘painted’ letters, here set in blue on white, as if they were painted directly upon RoofTop’s illuminated sign. What I am looking for is not what I found describes how moments, coincidences, unexpected outcomes, can smile upon you and grant expressions, results, and ideas that cannot be bypassed.

In the artistic work, you can come across something unpredicted that underway occurs and signals that you can move in another direction than what you first believed possible. What I am looking for is not what I found broadly describes how the powers of serendipity can play with human existence. Those expectations you meet life with often diverts from what actually happens. Something unanticipated arises, you find something else along the way. Move in one direction and suddenly shifts to find another path.

Pedersen’s work does not behave exactly as it should: instead of writing out the entire text in either present tense or past tense, the work presents a temporal mixture and an ongoing search that has already resulted in several finds. That which has been found, is located, investigated, and brought to end. What I am looking for is not what I found casts a retrospective glance on the course of events. That which is found is already located but the investigation continues. Pedersen’s sentence tells a story: the summary of human life where one can feel that coincidence and incidents seek you out and not the other way around. The pace of life is driven by a curious search but what you find is seldom what you counted on. And if you are open to the coincidence, it can be a gift.

Poul Pedersen (1933 DK) exhibited for the first time in 1966 and since 1978 he has lived and worked in Paris. Pedersen’s works are part of the collections at ARoS, Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, Vejen Art Museum, Randers Art Museum, Heine Onstad Art Center in Oslo, Moderna Museum in Stockholm, Tjeboksay Museum in Russia, and the National Arts Foundation. In 1997, he became a member of the artist association Den Frie, and in 2007, he received the Eckersberg Medal. Poul Pedersen receives the National Arts Foundation’s lifelong honorary grant.