Peter Holst Henckel 29.03 – 24.04



Peter Holst Henckel's work for RoofTop is a question: Who owns the middle of paradise? In brilliant and bright colours, the question stands in a fragmented form. A sign placed in public space will most often seek to be as easily decoded as possible so that the message is caught by those who pass by. But Henckel’s work directs itself to the viewer on other premises. Two words in the sentence, middle and paradise, are more difficult to decode than the others. Here the letters stand inverted, doubled on each other and are set in different coloured displacements. The effect can be a disturbance for the reader while also stretch and prolong the decoding of the complete sentence.

Who owns the middle of paradise? is an open question which create space for contemplation and considerations about what form paradise takes and how you get access to it. Paradise can be an inner condition but also a concrete place or a utopian conception.

By virtue of its location in the middle of Copenhagen, Vesterbro can contain all the big city dreams and profane paradise fantasies which are connected to the conception of the good life.

As a mean of contact, Henckel’s question is confrontational and insists on making a correspondence with its reader. A question also has the potential to settle and disrupt the well-known daily life. The work is a free invitation to every passer-by to reflect over how the good life looks like, who has the right to live where and how the conception of paradise can drive us to new places.

Peter Holst Henckel (1966 DK) is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts (1992) and has participated at numerous exhibitions in Denmark and internationally. At the moment he exhibits at Gl. Holtegaard with the solo exhibition “Gensyn med Paradis”. Furthermore, Peter Holst Henckel has worked in the border between art and architecture for years and among his latest commissions are Funen HF and VUC in Odense, Psychiatric Centre in Ballerup, Thornbjerg High School, Carlsberg Museum in Valby, The new Acting House in Copenhagen, Rambøll’s Head Quarters in Ørestaden and Copenhagen University Amager. Peter Holst Henckel is represented at a series of national and international public and private collections and in 2009 he received the Eckersberg Medal.