Michael Mørk 18.08 – 11.09


Michael Mørk has created a work for RoofTop which places itself between language and image. The work presents a word which does not refer to anything else than itself. In this respect it is free from any underlying meaning that often exists behind those words we daily use and surround ourselves with.

In Mørk’s work an abstraction over the language arises. ttttttiiijuuppppp is a sound word; the word is not official part of any language but is nevertheless decodable as the spelling of a sound. The word can resonate with its viewer just like it can stand for itself in its pure form. Rather than representing a meaning the word functions as a visual expression. Here focus is on the letters as shaped signs or as a serial composition which takes its starting point in formalistic traditions.  

ttttttiiijuuppppp imitates the sound it represents. ttttttiiijuuppppp is dynamic. The word springs forth from its orange background, it jumps over across the light board. The word could continue infinitely. In the dynamic expression an understanding of tempo or speed arise. The surroundings by Dybbølsbro Station are coloured by sounds of train traffic, busses and cars which all release the sound of progress. Thus, Mørk’s work stands as a visual echo of the surrounding soundscape which makes up RoofTop’s location. But perhaps exactly the progress is also an image of the lived life which we now and then think passes by all too quickly… Like a ttttttiiijuuppppp

Michael Mørk (1959 DK) Self-taught. Michael Mørk has had solo exhibitions at Esbjerg Museum of Art, Holstebro Museum of Art, Randers Museum of Art, Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art and latest Møsting’s House. Michael Mørk was member of North Exhibition Space. He was initiator and curator (with Ruth Campau) of Paintbox, Paintbox extensions and Box 2.0. Michael Mørk is the one half of the artist duo Allan Gabi and member of The Artist Association Grønningen.