Lise Nørholm 01.03 – 27.03


Lise Nørholm's contribution to RoofTop are visually chosen words which almost mirror themselves symmetrically. The words vide and vidder stretch themselves out over the light board but are also unfolded as process so vidder optically unfolds vide like a fan.

Vide and vidder are words which according to the dictionary have roots in Middle Low German. The adjective is created by the noun. Simultaneously with the reading of the words a doubt arises; one or two d’s, soft or hard? The words can stand detached, just like they can be read ambiguously and create a wonder about the Danish language, its way of spelling, origin and temporality.

The large spaces between the words are a visualization of the actual text’s meaning, and the letters’ white colours comment on both the words’ formal qualities, phonetic expressions and the actual work’s surroundings in The White Meat Pack District. The composition, held in Impact fat font, relates to the light board’s long format and the asterisk in the middle creates a kind of rhythm or synergy between the words. The words place themselves in direct relation to the light board’s location where the long horizon at Dybbølsbro Station creates an open space where everything is distanced and where everyone is on their way to somewhere else; walking, cycling, driving or by train. The plains with crossing bridges and roads can contain these long-stretched journeys and imaginations of freedom just like vide vidder also can describe an inner, mental spaciousness or a subtler political appeal to embrace every kind of person.

Finally, Nørholm’s work can also be seen in light of RoofTop’s context. The exhibition row is launched by the words vide vidder and thus opens up for all the different kinds of works that are to come after. Vide vidder lets all the possibilities lie open.

Lise Nørholm is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. Selected exhibitions: Hyperkomplext og meget grænseløst, 15 posters at the exhibition space Sydhavn Station. BLOW, The Art Building in Vraa. So you, too, like fruitcake? The exhibition space Bonomatic, Copenhagen. Det allestedsnærværende (utilsigtede) springvand, PIRPA, Copenhagen. Clausen for altid, Clausens Art Shop, Copenhagen. Museum Pist Protta, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. Ord og billede, Kunstpakhuset, Ikast. Allt är Symbios, Cirkulationscentralen, Malmö. Public commissions: Fri og Lige, The Multi-Cultural House, Sønderborg. Magnetic Fields, Technical Faculty, Odense. More information: