Kristofer Hultenberg 29.05 – 03.07

Kristofer Hultenberg's work The current is a small space directs attention towards abstract imaginations. The current is a small space takes its starting point in reflections, that Hultenberg has made in regard to the character of the painting. Just like reality as such, the painting always appears in a specific way at a given time. All impressions will forever be one concrete out of many possible. The current is, therefore, a circumstance that will be experienced singularly, more or less separated from other scenarios

Hultenberg’s work does not only relate to that which is but also to all that which could have been. According to Hultenberg’s perspective, the alternative tracks always run parallel with what exists and what actually happened. The current spreads out like a fan, behind which all unrealized can hide.

The current is a small space presents the conception of parallel realities that intrude in an endless row of opportunities. The reality, the current, has a smaller and smaller size compared to all the possible and impossible scenarios and conditions that could have played out instead. The reality becomes a dizzying small dot out of the incomprehensible amount of other potentials.

Kristofer Hultenberg (1971 SE) studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts and lives and works in Copenhagen. He works with painting, sculpture, and drawing in continuation of an abstract/concrete tradition, but the book is also a preferred medium, either in the shape of graphical artist books or practice related texts. Hultenberg is represented at museums in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, and he has participated at exhibitions at Bonner Kunstverein, Germany, ICA Philadelphia, USA, and CCA Lagos, Nigeria, among others. This year, he is nominated for the international art award Queen Sonja Print Award.