Kim Asbury 11.10 – 06.11

Kim Asbury's work for RoofTop stands as a subtitle to the sky. The long, slim sign presents the text Do you see that Sun…….which rises…….over your city. The sign’s format mimes the classical subtitle which often accompanies films in foreign languages. Instead of flanking a single film shot Asbury’s subtitle relates to the sky which emerges over RoofTop and which will always be present in the viewer’s vision when meeting the work. Here Asbury’s work takes a position as a referent to the surrounding space. Do you see that Sun…….which rises…….over your city can describe the sun’s route over the sky as a slow movie or a constant ongoing process.

Every text can be understood as a cultural or visual evocative room of references which always functions in contexts and understandings. Asbury’s work is set in black text on a bright pink background which can tell stories of pop sunrises. Just like a text is visually evocative the clean text can function as an image with its compositions, curls and lines. Asbury’s use of punctuation stresses this conception. Instead of highlighting the work’s sign significance Asbury presents his text as a motive.

Those rooms of reference which Asbury’s work stretches itself into are multiple sided. The Sun is an everyday constant, a mythical star and in some circumstances object for climate frustrations and problematics. The city is not just the city but your city, a statement which unfolds conceptions of ownership, belonging and remembrance. Often, we navigate in the city by memory which as a steady horizontal line accompanies us in our daily lives. The horizon and the Sun can be a point of fixation for train travellers’ gazes just like Asbury’s work for RoofTop can be one.

Kim Asbury (1960 DK) is self-taught and has exhibited in Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany with group and solo exhibitions. Kim Asbury was member and co-founder of North Exhibitions Space.