Kasper Bonnén 19.07 – 14.08


With the starting point that all people carry some sort of anxiety with them, Kaspar Bonnén has created the work My anxiety keeps every door open for RoofTop. The statement can describe the vulnerable exploration of the world one does in everyday life. Several of Bonnén’s works circle around concrete, mental or imagined spaces which visually or as text speak to the viewer’s imagination. A space is a sphere you can step into as a situation or a context. In a similar sense there are many of life’s situations you step into where the anxious or nervous feeling accompanies your entry.

Bonnén’s work functions not only as an image of a mental space but as a physical one as well. The conception that you stand in a room or a situation that you cannot work your way out of create an almost claustrophobic sensation which perhaps will be recognizable for most. Here, Bonnén’s work is not just an oral but also a sensational and bodily expression which demonstrates how certain words or sentences directly create an effect in their reader. 

My anxiety keeps every door open can refer to the anxious space or the sensation of living in an uncertain world which you cannot escape but the statement contains positive features as well; the vulnerable exploration of the world can manifest itself in a focused attention on and empathy with the surroundings. Here a certain sensibility or anxiousness keep every possibility and scenario open. A delicate consciousness about what takes place in your presence can arise just like an infinite space of opportunity slowly and carefully can be explored.

Kaspar Bonnén (1968 DK) departed from The Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen in 1999. He has had solo exhibitions at ARoS, Moderna Museum in Stockholm, The Artist Association Gl. Strand, The Danish Museum of Design and Brandts Art Centre among others. Bonnén’s works are part of the collections at The National Gallery of Denmark, ARoS, Essl Museum in Austria and Moderna Museum in Stockholm among others. He has published several nobels and poetry collections such asInd til min mor with the publishing house Vandkunsten, Skabelser with Arena Publishing House and Inventarium at Borgens Publishing House.