Jesper Fabricius 13.09 – 09.10

RoofTop presents the work birth illness death by Jesper Fabricius. birth illness death is set in a yellow colour which on its black background shines brightly clear. With the words’ different fonts, the work mimes cut-outs and composed sentences which in their new context create untried messages and meanings. These sentences will often have an absurd or comical tone because they reveal the nonsense of language and deprive language of its authority.

Here deviates birth illness death. Despite of the fact that the words in their visuality seem composed they are rather internally connected and dependant on each other. A birth is followed by death as a natural fact and illness which occupies the space between the two can take a more or less serious nature but is under all circumstances a consequence of the lived life and can have death as outermost consequence.

Between birth and death there is a complete life which gains significance by close relations, great experiences and the grind of every day life. All this make up the narrative you can create about your own life or others. When Fabricius lets the great narrative of life be summed up by illness, there are several directions of meanings which stretch out; that life can be viewed as one long illness, that illness overshadows the lived life, that the actual life is left out and only illness is left.
Illness can be visible in public but is rarely articulated. All people have relations to illness. It can be a fear, a concrete experience or a tragedy. Fabricius presents birth illness death as a sober and neutral statement which can be understood and interpreted freely by everyone. 

Jesper Fabriciusb. 1957 at Rudkøbing Hospital.
Has among other things suffered from: arthritis, Athlete’s foot, backache, blood blister, chickenpox, concussion, gastritis, genital warts, gonorrhoea, haemorrhoids, hangovers, influenza, lichen sclerosis, Lyme disease, maxillary sinusitis, measles, mumps, periodontal disease, pertussis, phimosis, rubella, Scarlet fever, sinusitis, skin fungus, sore throat, stomach illness, trigger finger, verruca, wound infection, and sometimes works as a visual artist, magazine editor and more.