Jakob Jakobsen 08.11 – 04.12

Ophør Oprør Ophør Oprør. Jakob Jakobsen's contribution for RoofTop marks the provisional end of the exhibition project. Set in black on white in the font Cambria it functions as an endless mantra without beginning or end. The work’s visuality diverts from what is normally expected from an illuminated sign in public space. Instead of miming the clear colours and designed fonts of commercial campaign signs, Jakobsen’s work presents itself as an infinite sentence fetched from the writing program Word. The effect is a heightened textuality which is underlined by the work’s writerly expression. The words Ophør and Oprør, Danish for Termination and Rebellion, are paired together in a type of letter play or a rhyme which highlight the two words’ comparable visual and phonetic qualities.

A termination can be understood as something which places itself in a limbo; a condition which must end before a new can begin. The termination is death, but the termination can also avoid categorization. The termination can be a breakdown where the usual aspects of life are thrown away only to be replaced by a state of emergency. When something ceases to function, everything stops. That which is broken down turns away from the existing productive, competing and performing order.

In that way the termination in Jakobsen’s work is closely connected with the rebellion which not only takes part in a letter play or an endless stream of consciousness, but which also can turn out to be the actual inherent spirit of the termination. That which is set out of function and thereby breaks with the given imaginations and expectations provides a rebellion. The termination can be political, but it can also be unruly. It is in the form of the termination that the rebellion can arise as an alternative to the well-known everyday life. New ways of thinking, living and imagining the world can take shape when one condition breaks down and a new one arises. The world can unfold and show itself from more facets and take new shapes which no one never could have imagined.

Jakob Jakobsen (1965 DK) is a visual artist, writer and activist. Throughout his practice he has worked with self-organization, and through the years he has built a series of independent institutions such as The Free University in Copenhagen, Hospital Prison University Archive and latest Hospital for Self Medication. He graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Arts and has lived in London where he also self-organized a project space named Info Centre and an irregular magazine named Infopool. In Denmark he has exhibited at Louisiana and Arken. Abroad he has contributed at The Sao Paulo Biennale and at Documenta in Kassel. He lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.