C. Y. Frostholm 31.07 – 31.08

C. Y. Frostholm's work marks the end of RoofTop. The work presents the words you did see me, set in separate yellow rectangles that mime the shape of post-it notes. The text stands with the artist’s own handwriting and the words appear as private, fleeting notes. Besides the yellow fields with text, the illuminated sign is left bare so that it is possible to look into the actual lightbox. The surroundings and the sky are drawn into the sign. In its uncovered expression, the work sets focus on its own construction in a very concrete way; the actual shape of the sign, the transparent shell, becomes central.

C. Y. Frostholm’s work points towards itself as an object that must and will be seen. At the same time, the work creates a dialogue with the viewer. The fleeting message appears and disappears for the passer-by who for a short moment is pulled out of his thoughts and approached by the text. Like in a mirror cabinet, the work’s meaning doubles and shifts. The work’s fleeting expression hits the fleeting circumstance under which the work is experienced. Who sees who? you did see me carries an insisting tone, a youthat can strike anyone who passes by. The sign confronts the passer-by in a public area with a hectic traffic where the easiest thing often is to pretend that you do not see each other.

you did see me is the last text-based work that is presented on RoofTop. The work puts a full stop to the long exhibition series of different prior works that were all seen and are now summed up in a single sentence. you did see me.

C. Y. Frostholm (b. 1963), in daily speech Cyf, is an author and a visual artist. Since 1985, he has published poetry and since 1991, he has exhibited photography and installation art. In 1994-2009, he was furthermore one of the main forces behind Afsnit P, a physical and later digital exhibition space for visual poetry. Among the latest publications: the text/photo books Træmuseet (2018) and Paris en brugsanvisning (2014), and the photo book Things left behind (2012). Among the latest exhibitions: Autoportrait cassé (Kirkegaards Antikvariat 2019), Writing While Walking (SCOTTY, Berlin 2018, with Mette Kit Jensen), and Pessoas træ (Oktogonmontren, The Royal Danish Library 2015). See also cyf.dk.