Bjørn Poulsen 13.03 – 17.04

It is raining frogs in my house. Bjørn Poulsen's work for RoofTop is an absurd sentence with filmic qualities. The work conjures a surrealistic and action-packed scenario. It is raining frogs in my house is an apocalyptic statement. It can mark one of the first steps towards downfall and stands as an epiphany or a reveal of future destruction.

The apocalypse indicates the world’s last hour. When it is raining frogs, there is an unbalance in nature that threatens reality in a dystopic manner. The apocalypse has a mythic and biblical character. The thought of a judgement day and its prior warnings are well-known narratives that is present in human life in more than one way.

Poulsen’s tropical green words haunt. It is raining frogs in my house is not just an apocalyptic sentence but also a statement that takes its starting point in the individual. Poulsen’s use of the word my is transmitted into the viewer. Whose house is it in which it is raining frogs? The work turns and reflects directly in every single person who meets it.

It is raining frogs in my house is an omen of displacement and forfeiture that can take place in both a planetary sphere and in every person’s private life. Poulsen’s warning of judgement day is related to a potentially universal catastrophe just like it tells a story about the ambiguousness and complexity of the misfortune of a single person who cannot expect salvation or an afterlife in paradise but rather must understand and act on the warning it is given.

Bjørn Poulsen (1959 DK) studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen 1981-1988 under the professors Willy Ørskov and Bjørn Nørgård. Poulsen has exhibited nationally and international. He has received The Danish Arts Foundation’s 3-year work grant and his works are part of the collections at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, The Danish Arts Foundation and The New Carlsberg Foundation, among others. Poulsen has created countless public works and is a member of the artist association Grønningen. In February 2020, he published his first book Opkald fra Mælkevejen with the publishing house Lindhardt og Ringhof. It is raining frogs in my house is the first work Poulsen has ever made that includes words.